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13 Rottweiler People Essay, Research Paper Joey Dean 10/21/00 Ms. Scheiss Eng.102 13 rottweiler People 1. Hello, Captain O’Flanerty here. I work with a lot of dogs, German Shepard’s, labs golden retrievers. I also work with rottweilers. We use these dogs for many tasks. We use them for drug sniffing, scent tracking, and for perpetrator apprehention. Some say a rottweiler is a mean dog and scare people. They have sort of a bad Rapp. Well, I tell you what, I have met some of the nicest dogs in the world. And some of them have been rottweilers. 2. My neighbor owns a rottweiler. I hate that damn dog it always gets out of the yard and gets in my garbage. My kids area afraid to play outside. I told him his dog was nuisance, he some young guy that will beat my ass. He doesn’t

care. The fence separating our yards is all patched up because his dog is always busting the fence. It’s a big black rottweiler. I have had the animal control come out and tell him to keep his dog in the yard. But it didn’t work. Though I haven’t seen the dog for a couple of days. 3. There are a couple of rotts on our neighborhood. The ones around the corner are o.k. dogs. They belong to a yard that resembles a mini junkyard. There is a huge male that just strolls around the neighborhood. Not looking for anything it seems just, taking a walk occasionally the younger one that also comes from the mini yard will be roaming around the vicinity of were ever the big one is walking. They don’t cause any trouble they just cruise around. Our neighbors on the west side of us also

have a rott. She is about four years old she is a very well mannered dog and I have seen her out in the front yard by the sidewalk letting all the little kids around her pet her and play with her. She listens to her owner pretty good- a young couple live there. Some times she gets out of the yard. She hasn’t been getting out lately. Well I amen at least I haven’t seen her. 4. Hello, my name is Travis. I have a rottweiler. Her name is Elly. I got her from my best friend Joey. His dog Nikki had puppies and he gave her to me for graduation. She is the baddest dog I in the world, I love her so much. She has the best personality. I like her clumsy dopiness. She makes me laugh, she is only a little over a year old. If you pullout the mag-lite flashlight she goes crazy, she is

f$%*^n’ crazy for the light when it is on the wall or what ever you shine it on. If you make the little sound the switch on the mag-lite makes when you turn it on and off, she will look at you like “you have the mag lit?” you can reflect light on the wall with your watch, cd case, cd, anything shiny. Elly is starting to mellow out a little though but it will be a while before she grows into her body, so she will be fun for a long time. She is still quit skittish and is really scared of new things some times. and is also very protective. She gets very aggressive when she gets scared, and is very aggressive when she feels the need to protect. She still has a lot to learn. 5. My grandson has a rottweiler. I don’t really like big scary dogs because; I’m not sure why I just

have a fear of big dogs. My grandson sure loves his dog though. He is always boasting about her. She is a pretty good dog I have to admit. She listens pretty well and is good around children. She doesn’t mind them at all, if she starts to get annoyed she just gets up and goes and lays somewhere else.