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1984 Paper Essay, Research Paper Dan MeachenLack of Humanity Humanity includes a person’s range of emotions, the actions that result from them, and a person’s identity. If the government can control the humanity of its people, then the government is in complete control of its people. In George Orwell’s 1984, the government maintains a complete control of its population through its manipulation of people’s humanity. The Inner Party (often referred to simply as the Party), the governing force in Oceania, hopes that by removing people’s humanity, it can control each and everyone. The Party only controls the civilians because the citizens allow the Party to do so. The people of Oceania know no other way of life. They grew up with no emotions, no freedom, and no

identity. If the people knew that they could make a difference, they might have rebelled against the Party. The only problem is that these people live in oblivion. Every history book has been altered to say that the Party existed when the first human beings walked the earth. The citizens do not realize that there have been better circumstances; therefore, they think they live in the best time of history. In essence, people are unaware of their plight, and they know no better. George Orwell’s 1984 shows how a human being can be stripped of its emotions, its freedom, and its identity if that human being allows a society like Oceania to rule him; therefore, no one should ever allow it to happen. The Party controls people’s emotions by instilling basic codes of morality. It is

insinuated that one should not feel emotions; and, if one does feel them, then one is a criminal. Therefore, the people of Oceania disregard their emotions. All the citizens of Oceania have been emotionally crippled, therefore, they are incapable of having, expressing, or understanding their feelings. In Oceania emotional love is a treacherous crime. Marriages are based on hate. The state wants sex to be only as procreation and nothing else. The Party even tries to remove the total sex act by artificial insemination. The goal of the state is power, and the Party’s power is maintained by supporting an anarchy of sedation. Since emotional responses are often the foundation for thought, the state hopes that by controlling all feelings, it will control all thought. The party

believes that once a person starts thinking for himself, he will rebel; and, the Party cannot allow rebellion. Even the language in Oceania is passionless. Known as Newspeak, this language means exactly what it says with no adjectives, no adverbs, and most of all no feeling behind the words. The old language, appropriately called Oldspeak is compared to Newspeak as, ” [Oldspek] with all its vagueness and its useless shades of meaning Do you know that Newspeak is the only language in the world whose vocabulary gets smaller every year? Don’t you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought?” (Syme, Pg.46) While reducing the range of thought is part of the aim of the Party, the big picture includes reducing the human race to an unintelligent, trained

like a dog, population. Like dogs who are trained to obey their masters’ orders, the citizens of Oceania are also trained to follow the Party’s orders. Since the people of Oceania follow so many orders, they have no freedom. All actions are bound by the police force. The Inner Party maintains its power through the Thought Police, which is bound by no laws. In Oceania anything can be a crime; it only has implied laws that might or might not be enforced at any time. The Thought Police monitor the Outer Party members of Oceania with a telesceen installed in every house, the telescreen. Much like the television, the telescreen broadcasts pictures and sound. The only difference is that the telescreen also has a camera, which watches your every move night and day and can never be