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"abnormal" amounts of tears to keep eyes clean and nasal fluid to keep our lungs protected - and this abnormal quantity is quite normal for such abnormal season(s). When this pollen dust sticks to the fluids tears flow, and sneezing happens - that is IMMUNE SYSTEM is flushing the waste! Nasal Congestion. Hmm, I live in Chicago, and the first thing that comes to mind is Traffic Congestion. So, what is the main reason for traffic congestions? Road construction, those guys who are trying to repair the potholes on the asphalt highway! Then, do we use decongestants for the traffic congestions? No. We wait for construction workers to finish their job. Why? Because repairing those potholes is necessary for a healthy traffic in the future... Now do you see the parallel?

Congestion of our nose is also a process of repair of damaged tissue inside the nasal tract and it is necessary for a healthy, smooth traffic in the future! Then why do we blow away the construction workers in our nose, i.e. nasal fluid sent to repair and clean the area damaged by too much traffic (caused by truckloads of pollen dust), while trying to open the congestion? That leads me back to my recommendation that we should not blow our nose too frequently during blossom season. People most susceptible to pollen allergies: 1) People with convertible cars 2) People whose car's A/C does not work properly 3) People whose home is not properly ventilated and/or air-conditioned 4) People who like to keep car window open while driving (especially, driver's side) 5) People with open

motorboats 6) Motor bikers (especially without a helmet) 7) Bikers (especially during high-pollen hours of the day) 8) Children, because they breath more frequently and stay outside longer than adults. 9) People whose job or hobby keeps them outdoors most of the time during pollen seasons. Recommendations It is well known that human saliva has disinfecting effect just like human sweat that besides cooling kills germs attached to the skin. The same is true about human tears - they not only lubricate eyes, but also wash away and kill germs in the eyes. Likewise, I think nasal liquid has cleaning and rehabilitating effect in the nasal tract and should not be blown frequently. Moreover, I suggest that it be held as long as possible for faster results. If both nostrils are congested,

we should breathe through mouth, and stay away from high pollen spaces, especially outdoors. We should filter the air we breathe through mouth by A/C and/or piece of cloth. Hence, I think one should consume plenty of liquids to provide his body with raw material to produce the nasal fluid. ...And do not try to save on tissues! Congestion is also necessary during immune reaction. Just like road construction crews close a highway temporarily for repairs, immune system is doing exactly this! Go out to play and rest in the nature after rains, not during "dry" days of pollination season. There are maps and tables showing pollination seasons in each state. Do not allow draught (draft) to take place in the house - his may bring in more pollen inside. If much pollen get inside

the room, it is advised to hang moistened sheet in few corners which will act as pollen-catchers. Do not forget to wash away the pollen afterwards from those sheets! Keep all windows closed and A/C on while your car is moving. Conclusions Most of the information I have used here is in public domain, but it is fragmented, and mentioned as secondary measures to prevent allergies. For instance Zyrtac's website gives a lot of natural ways of preventing allergies, behind its main endorsement - the medicine itself. But it is up to us, people, to decide what is secondary and what is first thing to do. Each and every individual is obliged to learn at least basics of medicine to protect himself and his family against diseases and incompetent doctors, and other authorities.