An Evergreen topic in British classical literature, children’s poems and everyday speech: patterns of climate in the British isles — страница 7

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the time”; Besides, we have found in the play “King Lear” some descriptions of seasons and weather, too: “While he was threatening what his weak arm could never carry out, night fell, and a fearful storm of thunder, lighting and rain broke out”; “The wind was high, and the rain and storm increased”; “This dreadful storm has driven the beasts to their hiding places”; More than that, we have found in the play “Pygmalion” by Bernard Shaw different descriptions of seasons and weather as well: “It was raining…” “I wonder will there be rain today? It’s a little cloudy in the western part of the British Isles; perhaps it will spread to the eastern part. The barometer though doesn’t assume of any substantial changes in the condition of atmosphere”;

“Still I hope that there will be no more frosts”; “It has been cool since the morning, hasn’t it?” So, all these descriptions of seasons and weather and mentioned before children’s poems, dialogues, excerpts from different works about seasons and months prove that our hypothesis is right. Therefore, the topic of the weather is the most interesting, most favourite and most often discussed topic in the British Isles. Conclusion In the conclusion we would like to say that 1) British climate has three main features: it is mild, humid and changeable. That means that it is never too hot or too cold. Winters are extremely mild. Snow may come but it melts quickly. 2) Each author builds his own world of nature with weather, scenery, hills, rivers and others. 3) There are a lot

of children’s poems about seasons and weather. 4) In Great Britain the weather is always an interesting topic of the conversations. Finally, we think that our work could be useful for teachers and schoolchildren because it contains a lot of poems. Also, it includes many descriptions of different seasons and weather. The list of literature climate season weather literature 1. Bernard Shaw “Pygmalion” Избранные пьесы. На английском языке. М.: “Менеджер”, 2006. 2. Jerome K. Jerome “Three men in a boat to say nothing of the dog” “Издательство Высшая школа”, 1976 (second edition, Moscow Higher School 1976). 3. Бурлакова А.П. “The ABC fun”, М.: "Просвещение", 1981. 4.

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Mary Lamb),/ Адаптация К.В. Ингал.- М.: "Просвещение", 1984 11. Интернет Supplement Illustrations to the different seasons and weather The most unpleasant aspect of British climate – fog It’s a sunny day It’s a nasty day It’s a snowy day It’s a rainy day It’s a windy day It’s spring It’s summer It’s autumn