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Sarah: hey why is Jimmy in the background of our prom picture? Ryan: irk, he must have photobombed it at the last second. b) I couldn't get a word in edgewise. She kept talking to me about her shoes, purse, and how her best friend just got dumped. I am a word receptacle. c) Every morning Sherwin swings by our area to say hi and pulls a management by driveby. d) Tiger: "I have to run to Zales to get a Kobe Special." Friend: "What's that?" Tiger: "A house on a finger." e) "Dan won't answer your calls. He's in airplane mode." f) "Sarah went into airplane mode for three days after Charlie dumped her." g) Man, when I get back to work I'll have to start going to the gym again- I've put on some serious holiday pounds Find slang words in

the part of `` Roaring Girl`` 0 Prologus A play expected long makes the audience look For wonders, that each scene should be a book, Compos'd to all perfection; each one comes And brings a play in's head with him: up he sums What he would of a roaring girl have writ; If that he finds not here, he mews at it. Only we entreat you think our scene Cannot speak high, the subject being but mean: A roaring girl whose notes till now never were Shall fill with laughter our vast theatre; That's all which I dare promise: tragic passion, And such grave stuff, is this day out of fashion. I see attention sets wide ope her gates Of hearing, and with covetous list'ning waits, To know what girl this roaring girl should be, For of that tribe are many. One is she That roars at midnight in deep

tavern bowls, That beats the watch, and constables controls; Another roars i' th' daytime, swears, stabs, gives braves, Yet sells her soul to the lust of fools and slaves. Both these are suburb roarers. Then there's beside A civil city roaring girl, whose pride, Feasting, and riding, shakes her husband's state, And leaves him roaring through an iron grate. None of these roaring girls is ours: she flies With wings more lofty. Thus her character lies; Yet what need characters, when to give a guess Is better than the person to express? But would you know who 'tis? Would you hear her name? She is call'd mad Moll; her life, our acts proclaim. Enter Mary Fitzallard disguised like a sempster with a case for bands, and Neatfoot a serving-man with her, with a napkin on his shoulder and a

trencher in his hand as from table. NEATFOOT The young gentleman our young master, Sir Alexander's son, is it into his ears, sweet damsel emblem of fragility, you desire to have a message transported, or to be transcendent? MARY A private word or two, sir, nothing else. NEATFOOT You shall fructify in that which you come for: your pleasure shall be satisfied to your full contentation. I will, fairest tree of generation, watch when our young master is erected, that is to say, up, and deliver him to this your most white hand. MARY Thanks, sir. NEATFOOT And withal certify him that I have culled out for him, now his belly is replenished, a daintier bit or modicum than any lay upon his trencher at dinner. Hath he notion of your name, I beseech your chastity? MARY One, sir, of whom he

bespake falling bands. NEATFOOT Falling bands: it shall so be given him. If you please to venture your modesty in the hall amongst a curl-pated company of rude serving-men, and take such as they can set before you, you shall be most seriously and ingeniously welcome. MARY I have [dined] indeed already, sir. NEATFOOT Or will you vouchsafe to kiss the lip of a cup of rich Orleans in the buttery amongst our waiting-women? MARY Not now in truth, sir. NEATFOOT Our young master shall then have a feeling of your being here; presently it shall so be given him. MARY I humbly thank you, sir. Do the test 0 1. action (1) If you're interested in American politics, the action is in London in Washington in Tokyo 2. axe | ax (1) The company had to axe Georgio because he worked too hard always

came early made too many mistakes 3. beat it If somebody tells you to "Beat it!", they're telling you to hit something defeat something go away 4. blast (2) The manager blasted his secretary for forgetting to give him a message writing an excellent letter doing such a good job 5. crap (2) Shane said that the website we showed him was crap. He thinks it's a pretty good website a really bad website a very interesting website 6. bent The company's accountant was bent. For a long time he'd been making simple mistakes stealing the company's money working too hard 7. busted Glen has to go to court on Friday. He was busted last week for growing his own vegetables growing his own marijuana brewing his own beer 8. can (2) If you don't want to do time in the can, make sure you