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interrelated individuals; every entity of individuals who are involved in continuous contact (by E. Durkheim); social organization of the given country based on social structure; a systematic organization of social interactions and social relations that ensure meeting of all basic needs of its members, a stable, self-regulated and self-reproductive one (philosophic approach). State – political organization of the country including a particular type of power (monarchy or republic), bodies and structure of ruling (government, Parliament). Additional literature Blau P. Exchange and Power in Social Life. (3rd edition). – New Brunswick and London: Transaction Publishers, 1992. – 354 p. Bourdeiu P. Logic of Practice. – Cambridge: Polity Press, 1990. – 382 p. Coser L. The

Functions of Social Conflict. – Glencoe, Ill: Free Press, 1956. – 188 p. Durkheim E. The Division of Labour in Society. – New York, NY: Free Press; 1997. – 272 p. Durkheim E. Suicide. – New York, NY: Free Press; 1951. – 345 p. Sztompka P. Sociology in Action: The Theory of Social Decoding. – Oxford: Polity Press, 2001. – 415 p