Sport is an Essential Part of Life

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2 Alexey Zhelubenkov Form 11 M Sport is an Essential Part of Life Dubna – 2004 Contents. Introduction ……………………………3 Sport in my life ………………………..4 Sports in Russia ……………………….6 Sports in Great Britain ………….……..7 The Olympic Games …………….…….9 Sports and Healthy Way of Life ….…..11 Conclusion ... …………………………13 Bibliography ………………………….14 Introduction Sport is not only for champions. All over the world people of different ages are very fond of sports and games. Sport not only helps people to become strong and to develop physically but also makes them more organized and better disciplined in their daily activities. It makes healthy mind in a healthy body.

People who go in for sports are always in good mood. Sports help them to keep in good health. Sport for different people means different things. Some people go in for sport seriously and achieve high results. They make sport their profession. They are professionals. All the others who go in for sports in their free time are amateurs. Some of them jog in the morning, do morning exercises all the year round. They go in for winter and summer sports. Still others do not go in for sports. They are sport fans. They go to the stadium or sit in their armchairs at home shouting for their favourite teams or athletes. We all need to exercise. Even if you do not plan to make a career in sport you still have to practice. Regular exercises give you more energy. That is why many people who

suffer from general tiredness should take more exercise than more rest. Exercise makes you feel and look better. The best exercises are those which involve you in repeated movements. They are: walking, jogging or swimming. Bending and stretching will add flexibility and feeling of lightness. Skiing is a symphony of snow, sun and movement; the air is champagne to the lungs. No wonder skiing has conquered the world. It recruited millions of followers. Sport in My Life. As for me, my life is impossible without sport. I agree that sport helps people to stay in good shape, keeps them fit and healthy. Anyone who knows my family can say that it’s strange that I am a table tennis player, because my father plays volleyball. He was the captain of the students’ team of Moscow

Lomonosov’s University. When I was 6 years old, my father began taking me to the gym. While he was playing volleyball, I was running, climbing up the Sweden wall, etc. But all the summer before going to school, I stayed in our yard, playing ping-pong. There were two tables in the yard. I was the youngest, only 7 years old, so the older boys often defeated me and I lost the matches more often then won them. Sometimes I cried. In September my parents suggested me going to the table tennis club. Of course, I agreed. Some boys, whom I played with, also decided to join this club. That is how it began. I liked training. Some months later I was moved to an older group. That very winter I went to the competition for the first time. Of course, I lost many games, but I liked to compete.

I enjoyed the atmosphere. I started training harder. A year later I took the second place in my age group in the Moscow Region. Next years I participated in different competitions in many cities of our country, such as Cheboksary, N.Novgorod, Petrozavodsk, Tula, Ivanovo, Vladimir, etc. It is interesting to have competitions in the place where you have never been yet. Many times I was the first in the Central zone which includes 17 regions of Russia. Some years ago I took the third place in all-Russian national competitions in my age group in pairs. Though table-tennis is an individual game, there are team competitions too. I like to play team-games. While playing in the team you always feel support of your team-mates. But you mustn’t think that I am only interested in